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Platonix Joint Ventures
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About Platonix Technologies

Platonix Technologies is a boutique software consulting firm, that has been providing high-quality consulting services since 1996. Among Platonix's customers you can find companies such as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Sungard STeP, Finjan, Gteko and many more.

Platonix has also founded two start-up companies - Kanndu and Hexamind.

Nowadays, Platonix is kicking off its exciting Joint Ventures endeavor - teaming with start-up and young companies to help them take their technology to the next level. Click here to learn more.

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What Makes Us Special

Over 13 years in the business, and growing!

Stability, experience, knowledge - with Platonix Technologies you get it all!


The dedicated team of Platonix Technologies has a high interest in your success. When we work - it's all the way!


Our vast experience in working with others gives us the possibility to give your company what it needs. Are you ready to take as much?

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