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Platonix Technologies was established in 1996 by several graduates of the prestigious Haman Talpiot project of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. Fresh out of military service, the Platonix people decided to apply their broad technological expertise to consulting clients in varied software related areas. This way, Platonix's founders could stay together as a group, hoping good ideas for start- ups come along.

Platonix' first client was the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, where several Platonix experts contributed significantly in the development and transition of the new trading system. Platonix also started consulting to Mint (now: Sungard STeP). Other clients included companies like Check Point Software Technologies and Zoran, to name just two.

In 1998, Yishai came up with an excellent idea - a universal shopping cart that will make online shopping a breeze. Platonix quickly began shifting efforts from consulting jobs to this exciting new product, and formed a subsidary - Kanndu Inc. Three investment rounds and one bubble later, Kanndu ceased its operations in 2003.

Platonix then resumed its consulting activities. Some of the its first customers, namely TASE and Mint were thrilled to get more help from us. Platonix, of course, continued to engage new customers, including young companies such as Final, and more established companies such as CommTouch.

In 2003, Yishai came up with another excellent idea. Based on Platonix's extensive experience with large, critical real-world systems, it was apparent that a solution to Configuration File Hell needed to be found. Enter Hexamind! Entirely self-funded, Hexamind rapidly grew from a novel idea to an extensive, fully working solution.

In 2005 Itay decided it's time for someone else to have an idea. With Platonix' considerable track record, it can help start-up companies in many different areas. Hence came the idea for Platonix Joint Ventures - Platonix joins forces with start-up companies, using its experience and knowledge to augment the start-up's technological team. Instead of charging its usual consulting fees, Platonix offers its services for equity or a combination of cash and equity. Since then Platonix has worked with several very exciting start-up companies.

These days, Platonix is focusing on its Joint Ventures endeavour.

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For more information please contact us at info@platonix.com.

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