The Team

Itay Zandbank

Itay has been programming since age 10. Starting with the venerable Apple IIe, he now focuses on Windows development. Itay's main expertise is overall software system design, covering all business and technical aspects of the system.

Itay managed the R&D efforts of Kanndu, and has been involved in the design, implementation and ongoing support for TASE systems for over 10 years. In addition to his technological involvement, Itay deals with the business side of Platonix Joint Ventures, and is constantly looking for interesting investment opportunities.

Itay holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from the Tel Aviv University. In his free time he studies history, tries to learn to speak Italian and watches way too much TV.

Shai Berger

Shai is Platonix' resident Free Software evangelist. He has firm views on databases, the relational model and computer language design. These, combined with impressive design and development skills, result in top-notch software architecture and implementation.

Shai holds a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Logic. When not at work, he can be found browsing webcomics or discussing philosophy of mind and language.

Ro'i Gibori

Ro'i is adept at a wide range of computer platforms. Windows, Unix, X-Windows and even VMS all obey his every command. He spends most of his Platonix time at TASE, where his code has been working quietly without complaining for as long as an entire decade.

Ro'i holds a master's degree in both Psychology and Mathematics from Tel Aviv University.

On his own time, he is working on publishing exceptional mathematical papers.

Yishai Beeri

With 15 years of software technology and over 9 years of business management experience, Yishai serves as CEO of Hexamind, a Platonix startup. Previously Yishai served as CTO and later CEO of Kanndu.

In addition, Yishai has participated in various consulting projects with cusomters such as Gteko, Sungard STeP, Shonut and others.

Yishai holds a B.Sc, cum laude in computer science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Yossi Gortler

Since the foundation of Platonix in 1996 Yossi has been working mostly on the design, implementation and maintenance of client-server and web applications with financial orientation. In recent years Yossi has been busy upgrading applications for Sungard STeP and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Yossi holds a B.Sc. in computer science (major) and cognitive sciences (minor) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Itai Shirav

Itai loves the informal atmosphere of young companies, and working in three different start-ups has made him an expert in this field. After graduating from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem he joined Platonix' first start-up, Kanndu. Itai later worked closely with Metaccord System's founder to develop the company's groundbreaking technology. Today Itai serves as CTO of Hexamind.

Itai has been developing in Java almost since the language was born. He specializes in user interface and web development.

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